Why Apostrophes Need Your Attention

Apostrophes are critical pieces of punctuation that help us understand possession and contractions. Like any punctuation, they should be used after careful consideration of the intended meaning of the phrase. Yet every year, hundreds, if not thousands of apostrophes are forced into words where they do not belong.

The results can be devastating on at least two levels. First, incorrect apostrophe usage can confuse and misdirect the innocent reader. How many people have been led astray by a “your” that should have been a “you’re” or an “it’s” that should have been an “its”? Business deals and peace treaties have been known to founder on such misunderstandings. The costs to society are huge.

Second, consider the apostrophes themselves. On the physical side, being crammed into the wrong word can cause injury and being held in the wrong position for extended periods of time can cause permanent physical damage. Mentally, when apostrophes are repeatedly used incorrectly, many become disoriented and bewildered. Over time, many experience an identity crisis, which can lead to personality disorders, neuroses, and in extreme cases, depression.

Below, you’ll find just a few examples of apostrophes in bad situations. You’ll note that in some cases, the apostrophe has become completely confused and has no idea where he or she is. Have some pictures you’d like to share? Contact us here.

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