The ALF Apostrophe Rehabilitation Facilities

The Apostrophe Liberation Front (ALF) isn’t just about search and rescue. We also fund and support several rehabilitation centers around the world. Below, you’ll find some examples of the kind of work we do.


Three paramedics examine a rescued apostrophe,

After extraction, an apostrophe is immediately assessed by a team of paramedics. In this candid shot, a blue apostrophe rescued from a billboard cracks a few jokes to assure the team he is fine.

An apostrophe receives some attention from hospital staff.

Apostrophes who require further assistance are taken to a local ALF center and given a more detailed physical exam.


Surgeons prepare an apostrophe for surgery

Sadly, apostrophes that have suffered years of abuse have serious injuries. Here, an apostrophe extracted from a grocery store produce section, where she had been trapped for almost a decade, is prepped for surgery.


An apostrophe in a wheelchair

The ALF has an extensive post-operative recovery program. Here, an apostrophe enjoys some sunshine and fresh air. For many apostrophes, this is their first taste of true freedom.


Apostrophe physical therapy

In addition to physical therapy services, the ALF provides long-term physical and mental support for those in need. The ALF’s goal is to see each apostrophe safely reintegrated back into society.

Photo work credit: JAB